visuals to inspire change.

Graphic Recording


As a live graphic recorder,
I do three things:



I listen for the point of the words. I listen for the energy, the flow, and the process. I listen for the story. I listen for the funny things, the intriguing things, the compelling things. I listen for the questions and the answers. I listen for the visuals. Sometimes it’s a physical thing, like a ladder. Sometimes it’s a metaphor, like a ladder. I listen, think, analyze, interpret, extrapolate, minimize, and synthesize your words into images.


Whether I am recording a business meeting or a multi-day conference for a nonprofit organization, I sift through what is spoken to find the essence of what is said.

I visually capture moments of sudden realization and recognition and synthesize them to gain insight for moving forward.

Using images and colors, I create a joyful, engaging, and accessible visual tool that is yours to keep so that you may continue the conversation.