The Doodle Biz
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The Doodle Biz at work: an overview

Our Approach

We prepare by learning about your organization, agenda and process, reviewing any materials you provide and researching the organization, meeting strategies, and specific methodologies.

Graphic Recording is done in real-time. With that in mind, we may use a structure or template based on the agenda, such as gap analysis, strategic planning, action planning or visioning. We'll also use colors and symbols to represent your organization, ideas, patterns, actions, and so on. If you have preferences, please let us know.

We'll work at a wall off to the side or in the back of the room to avoid being a distraction. The wall should be relatively smooth, with 8-10' available for paper 4' tall. Ideally, twice that space, if it's available, for setting up sheets side-by-side, but we can work with whatever space is available; we can also provide a portable wall if appropriate wall space is not available.

We agree to abide by any non-disclosure requirements as you and/or your organization request. This includes information learned in contract negotiations, the recording session itself, and any post-session discussions.

The graphic recording (or portions) may be displayed on The Doodle Biz website unless there is a specific request or a previous agreement with you. Sometimes sensitive or market-relevant information is discussed in organizational meetings, and we want to assure you that we have the deepest respect for protecting your assets. If that is the case, our digital photographs will be for our own reference and will not be publicly available.

You and your organization retain the right to use the graphic recordings as you would like, and agree to provide appropriate credit (listing our name and/or website) with any replication — digital or printed.